New footpaths

            Spread across a variety of hills, valleys and parks, the city I live in is very unusual for a German city. Given its reputation as an  industrial city, I actually have to admit I had quite a surprise when I first visited it.

The city center lies in a lush valley, nestling between vineyards and thick woodland close by. However the woodland extends also out of the city, surrounding it all around and allowing us nearly every weekend to escape from worry and quotidian. 

 A oasis of calm which we try to discover more and more with every day. So happens that every once in a while we venture upon an ambitious plan of mine (don't say anything, please!!!) deep into woods to  find out new footpaths, which look like they were ripped away from fairy tales and brought there just for us. 
There is no better place to relax and rest. The sound of the forest, the fresh air, the earthy smell have an instinctive calming effect to me. This is the thing that refreshes my soul whenever I'm out there.

Don't get alarmed! I didn't wander into the woods on this heels! The new appearance of the blog determined me to use them. 

I hope you enjoy your ''visit''!

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